Pigment cells anterior chamber

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It is shaped like a triangle with apex towards the ora serrata posteriorly and base towards iris root anteriorly. The ciliary body faces the anterior chamber, posterior chamber, and vitreous train rides central tx and is lined by two neuroepithelial layers, a non-pigmented layer internally and a pigmented layer externally. The outer layer of epithelium is pigmented, but the inner layer, which is in contact with the aqueous is non-pigmented.

The nonpigmented epithelial cells secrete the aqueous humor. The orbiculus ciliaris is a zone of about 4 mm. The ciliary processes processus ciliares are formed by the inward folding of the various layers of the choroid, i. They are arranged in a circle, and form a sort of frill behind the iris, around the margin of the lens. They vary from sixty to eighty in number, lie side by side, and may be divided into large and small; the former are about 2.

They are attached by their periphery to three or four of the ridges of the orbiculus ciliaris, and are continuous with the layers of the choroid: their opposite extremities are free and rounded, and are directed toward the posterior chamber of the eyeball and circumference of the lens.

In front, they are continuous with the periphery of the iris. Their posterior surfaces are connected with the suspensory ligament of the lens. In the stroma of the ciliary processes there are also stellate pigment cells, but these are not so numerous as in the choroid itself. The aqueous humor is a secretion formed by the active intervention of the epithelial cells lining the apices of the ciliary processes.

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Pigment cells anterior chamber

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