Cn blue love rides the rain bird

Design: Nothing says investment banking like squares and dull colours. The team has done what it can to try and spice up the corporate identity of its supporter but there's only so much you can do with this kind of starting material. However, as objectionable as brown cycling shorts might be, the classic styling of AG2R have become iconic and are actually starting to grow on us. While the rest of the peloton continues to pull from the PlaySkool colour palette, the sophisticated sky blue and earthy brown could have been pulled from a Matisse.

It's soothing, but it doesn't stand out, kind of like the team's performances on the bike. Colours: Brown and blue are quite popular for that mid-century modern-loving interior design crowd. In the cycling world? Maybe not so much. However, a bright spot for those who disapprove will be Gediminas Bagdonas, the Lithuanian champion, who sports a bright yellow, green and red horizontal stripe with matching red side paneled shorts, and Yauheni Hutarovich, the Belarus champion, with a mainly white jersey with horizontal red and green stripe.

Visibility: The Argos-Shimano team stuck to its mostly white kit design, while toning down the previously bright green accents that adorned the arm cuffs and lower torso and helped it stand out.

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The dark blue background on the Shimano logo provides the only distinctive reference point for easy identification. Design: There's nothing splashy, there's nothing offensive, but we just think the design is a bit too safe.

The logo placement is uncluttered, but plain. Colours: Mostly white and blue with a little bit of red and green as accents. It's a good start, but we really think they could have done more with the palette.

Visibility: The Astana team has forged its identity around the Kazakh national colours of aqua blue and yellow, and in the world of cycling they stand out against a backdrop of primary colours, blacks and whites. Design: The Astana logo gets displayed in a jaunty arc across the upper chest forwhile the golden eagle wings get relegated to a blue-on-blue silhouette.

Everything on the front of the jersey just looks a bit shoved up too high: the Astana logo touching the Specialized logo, the single gold swoop on the right shoulder and the circular format serves to make the riders look like they're in a permanent, confused shrug. Colours: The blue of the Kazakh sky gets a bit lighter forwhile the gold is placed on a white backdrop on the shoulder and side panel, with a touch of gold on the leg band.

Classic Astana palette. Visibility: While the team's color choice draws from the black, blue and white palette of Sky, from the top and most definitely the side there's plenty of differentiation to keep the teams separate. From the overhead shots this team is the easiest to spot thanks to the bold vertical stripe.

Design: The former Rabobank squad underwent the most radical kit makeover of any WorldTour team as the Dutch bank's withdrawal subsequently eliminated the team's characteristic orange and blue hues from the peloton. A script "Blanco" is situated on the upper chest accompanied by a small Giant logo over the heart for the team's bicycle sponsor.

The color scheme is repeated on the back, but absent of any text. A nice touch is having each rider's name and national flag along the left side panel for easy identification while on the bike. The shorts are black with white side panels. Colours: Your regimes no democraticos argentinos black, blue and white. The yellow and red highlights on former Spanish road champion Juan Manuel Garate's kit collar and sleeve cuffshowever, are striking when seen in the context of a team group photo.

Visibility: The BMC team has stuck with the formula forkeeping its deep red and black design with little change over last year's kit. A bit more black on the shoulders could actually confuse us in identification, especially in a tightly packed bunch, with Sky and Movistar also favoring dark colors.

The arms are almost entirely black, with just a red band. Design: The BMC kit strikes us as an ongoing game of Tetris, with huge, pixelated blocks of black gradually filling in a red background as the years go on. It gives a mechanical feel, one that we suppose is supposed to speak to Swiss precision, but fails to give the kind of speed or flow you might expect in a cycling-specific design. Colours: Red, white and black aren't exactly unique, but the number of teams clad in red has gone down over the past few seasons, perhaps in reflection of the overall haematocrit in the bunch.

The vertical stripe, a la Blanco, only adds to the distinction. The colours are the same, the design quite different from 's. Visibility: With its trademark, vivid orange kit, there's never any question as to where Euskaltel-Euskadi riders are in the peloton, especially now with Rabobank gone.

Design: Eusaltel-Euskadi has added black accents to the sleeves and flanks of the jersey. The telecom company's logo, surpoids en france statistiques 3ème resembles a butterfly, makes an appearance on both the front and back of the jersey which was previously just solid orange with text. The shorts remain predominantly black and thankfully the orange panel at the rear which made the jersey appear to extend down to the saddle is no more.

Colours: Euskaltel-Euskadi still sports very much an orange kit, but the palette choice is more muted forfrom a bright orange to almost a shade of peach. Visibility: Solid white jerseys stand out in a sea of blue and black, but just don't get too close to Argos-Shimano or leaders of young rider classifications. Design: The kit incorporates more blue than inand removes BigMat from the jersey oser maigrir en the co-sponsor opted not to continue supporting the team for FDJ riders remain in white jerseys for with blue accents on the side panels, collar, sleeve cuffs and around the sponsor logos.

Shorts are now blue instead of white, riders no longer have to sweat unintended transparency when rain begins to fall.

Visibility: While there is plenty of blue and white on kits in the WorldTour peloton, the black and red panels across the upper chest and back plus the oversized Cervelo logo on the back should provide sufficient brand identity to call out Garmin-Sharp riders in the peloton.

Design: From the front, the jersey appears virtually identical to the kit unveiled mid-year when Sharp came on board as a co-sponsor, with Garmin and Sharp text vertically stacked and highlighted by a black and red band respectively on the chest while the squad's trademark argyle takes up the lower half of the jersey. While last year the back panel was white, for the blue argyle present on the front continues as the background for the entire back while a large, white Cervelo logo previously black in is situated beneath the same Garmin and Sharp panels which repeat from the front.

Traditionalists will be delighted to see that the squad's shorts remain solid black set off by blue bands at the cuff of each leg. Colours: Garmin-Sharp draws from the same palette of muted blue argyle background, white text, plus black and red panels that really pop. Visibility: If your riders aren't hugely successful or have a bad reputation, then what better way of capturing everyone's attention than bright, garish team colours?

That seems to be the jersey-design strategy at Lampre-Merida. Their clothing certainly stands out, even in the modern, multi-coloured professional peloton. Design: Sir Paul Smith said his design of the Giro d'Italia maglia rosa was inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol and his ability to mix bright colours. It seems unlikely that any creative thought process was involved in the design of the Lampre-Merida kit, with the blue sections across the jersey and shorts simply used to highlight the sponsors' names.

Colours: The Italian team is known for its blue and pink jersey and the arrival of the bike sponsor has seen a splash of bright green added to the palette. Green is a Merida favourite but it is not clear if blue and pink is related to Lampre's laminated steel products or just the favourite colours of team manager Beppe Saronni. Visibility: The mix of white, blue, red and yellow makes the Lotto Belisol jersey almost too visible. It screams at you. However, the bright colours almost hide the sponsors' names.

Design: This year's kit is far from subtle. The white base colour dominates, with the red and blue curves spiraling off from the central red Lotto and blue Belisol logos. The arrival of new sponsors Telenet means one shoulder is yellow, while the other is blue.

Minor sponsors such as Skoda and Ridley bikes fill the upper chest area, as does the logo of clothing sponsor Vermarc. Colours: With red and blue shoulders and contrasting red and blue short panels, the Lotto Belisol colours make them look like the court jesters of the peloton.

Visibility: The Movistar jersey stands out because it is totally dark blue with the fluorescent green M creating a stark contrast and so highlighting the Spanish communications company's logo. From the side, however, it may be hard to pick out from Sky's black. Design: The jersey is a darker blue forso dark it is nearly black.

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Cn blue love rides the rain bird

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